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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mega Minecraft Update Coming to Consoles


The console versions of Minecraft are getting a colossal update.
Title Update 31, for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PS4, and PS Vita, brings with it a host of content previously released on PC. Newcomers on the mob front include Endermites, Guardians, Elder Guardians, Rabbits, and Chicken Jockeys.

If exploring’s more you thing, new biomes include Mesa, Mega Taiga, Roofed Forest, Birch Forest, Forest, Savanna, Extreme Hills+, Deep Ocean, Snowless Taiga, Ice Spikes, as well as 20 new Technical Biomes. Furthermore, anyone who decides to venture underwater has the chance to come across the new Ocean Monument structures.

All of the above comes alongside a wealth of new block types, flowers, and craftable items.
There’s also a few minor, but all-important game balancing tweaks. Fishing now has a new fancy-schmancy particle effect, Nether Portals can now be built inside of a rectangular frame, and skeletons now flee in the presence of wolves. If you’re worried that the latter point might make the game easier, don’t fret, mobs can now swim properly.

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