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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Saturday, August 15, 2015

VIDEO: HowTo Change the XboxOne to Win10 Stream Settings to Very High!

Love Windows 10?, Love your XboxOne?? Well you’re in luck, stream gaming from your XboxOne to Windows 10 PC is here since Win 10 had launched! It’s amazing! Very amazing!! But haven’t you ever wondered if there was a Very High setting that basically gives you 1080p streaming to your Win 10 PC instead of just the 3 stream settings Low, Medium, and High. Well there is a setting for exactly that! Well Sort Of.. It’s a setting that has been hidden for reasons unknown right now but can be turned on with a quick edit in its script. But you have to 1st find where it is located before you can change the setting. I Mr. Mike will show you how! DISCLAIMER!: Now Note that if you change the wrong part of a script in any way you can risk breaking the XboxApp or even your Windows 10 OS! SO BE VERY CAREFUL!! Maybe get a geek friend to do this who is comfortable in changing stuff in the Windows OS.. Lastly Not all Home Based networks are equipped to handle this setting and may not work for you so do a stream test 1st and you can always go back to your original settings by re-changing the value of the script and saving.


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