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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Thursday, August 6, 2015

PODCAST: E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: XBOX Gamescom 2015

E3 Gamer PodCast 2015

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* quantum break 1st party game from remody makers of a length wake, game
have a bullet time aspect to it like that John woo game or timeshift.

*  Crackdown 3, fully new city, calling it the ultimate sandbox, fully
destructible city with the MS cloud 20x more power than an XboxOne in online
only? Plus Multiplayer..

* Scalebound, platinum games - a very interesting game with a main
protagonist & his dragon open world rpg?? Has a final fantasy feel to it.
Has 4 player co-op announced for it holiday 2016

* full function over the air tv dvr for xboxone! Can be streamed to any
Windows 10 device & download to any device for on the go playing coming

* xbox chat pad announced for preorder with volume controls, 2 programmable
buttons, a headset jack, works on all x1 controllers & coming this November!

* xbox 360 backwards compatibility on X1 will now include all xbox 360 games
with gold backwards compatibility Great!
Coming this November with lots of partners!!

* kI coming to win10 & if you purchased it on the x1 you get all of that
free in the win 10 version! Plus KI season 3 is coming March 2016!  Rash
from battle toads coming to KI today

* ID@Xbox - bloodstained ritual of the night, a 2.5d sidescrolling game for
X1 & Win10 with cross play,  cities skylines coming to X1!, Train simulator
1st on XboxOne!!, ukulele coming to Xbox one, teams worms wmd coming,
timbered park coming to X1 a point & click adventure by Ron Gilbert., Ark
survival Dino killing game coming to Xbox preview program.
We happy few - 1st on XboxOne & pc, looks like a horror bioshock game!

* talking about Directx12 & gaming on Windows 10. Showed a very very
impressive looking demo, talking about game dvr on pc

* Mojang - talked Win10 version beta, talked cobalt a new side scrolling
game with co-op & Multiplayer. The guy was stumbling all over his words!

* DarkSouls 3 Announced - Bandi coming 2016

* Homefront the revolution announced, an open world shooter from deep
silver, X1 owners get 1st playable preview, about a torn America taken over
by a foreign nation. Coming 2016

* talked EA fifa idc passed..

* Halo 5 Guardians shown off, 1st showed off lots of Multiplayer for the
Showed off a new map called Coliseum. Had 2 pro E-sports callers calling the
multi game.

* announced a 1tb halo 5 themed xboxone console with themed controller &

digital ver. Of the game, October 20th, preorder now!
* Just Cause 3, December 1st

* Forza motorsport 6, over 450 forza Vista cars, great rain weather effects,
a great looking racing game. Night or day, 1080p 60fps, looks better than
gran turismo, coming Sept 15th

* rainbow 6 siege shown

* Rise of the TombRaider, Basecamp is still in the game with cutomizable
weapons & skills, Lara has bad ass skills now. Great stealth & double kill
action, & the tombs coming Nov 13th 2015

NOTE: alot of presenters couldn't read the teleprompter during their
presentation guess they don't present much lol

* HaloWars2 in fall 2016 for X1 & Win10 to finish the show..

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