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Friday, July 24, 2015

VIDEO: Gears of War Ultimate Edition - Opening Cinematic XboxOne

Video game developer the Coalition has just announced that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has officially gone gold!  The meaning of going gold is that the game is done, code has been checked/approved, and is now being stamped as disks and being prepped for digital purchase.

In celebration of its completion, the studio has released the game's opening cut-scene, complete with an up-close-and-personal chainsaw execution. Give it a look above.

Additionally, The Coalition has confirmed that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is now available for pre-download ahead of its August 25 release on Xbox One. The game will also be coming to PC, but at a later date.

The Standard Edition, which costs $40 USD, includes a copy of the game, multiplayer skins of Adam Fenix and Civilian Anya, and an Animated Imulsion Weapon Skin.

Meanwhile, those willing to shell out an extra $20 USD can get the Deluxe Edition, which includes everything in the Standard Edition, plus a Deluxe Weapon Skin Pack and two additional multiplayer characters: Civilian Marcus Fenix and Aaron Griffin.

In the light of this news that I Mr. Mike is happy that the game is ready for shipping soon but still does NOT agree that the $40 price tag attached to this 1 game at 10+ years old almost since the game came out on the Xbox360. As of that I'm recommending to all Gears fans and future fans to wait for an inevitable future price drop for like $20 or wait till they actually release the whole Gears of War franchise later.  Gears of War, Gears 2, Gears 3, & Ascension!!

Otherwise: Game On, Game Hard, World Conquest

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