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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

VIDEO: Rewind: Fallout 4

It’s Here and it’s Real! War! War Never Changes! And why should it? Hi Mr. Mike here with a Rewind of the Official Fallout 4 trailer, where I take you through scene by scene showing & giving some insight about what is going on in the trailer and what things return from the previous games. Everything begins with a dog and vault 111 then ends with your vault 111 character & companion aka the dog! After I go through the trailer I end it with the full trailer. Did I mention this trailer makes me sooooo excited! P.S. even the Deathclaws!! ……..ENJOY!

After years of rumors that the game would be set in Boston, the trailer's inclusion of Boston landmarks like the Bunker Hill Monument pretty firmly confirm that. And as it turns out, what we know about Fallout's Boston is pretty interesting.

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