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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PODCAST: E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: Sony Press Conference

E3 Gamer PodCast 2015

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(E3 Sony)
* Shawn layden was 1st on stage after the sony video game
montage, talking about all the soon exciting games coming to the
sony platform

* (The Last Guardian) Finally shown again for the 1st time in
years of the last announcement, the Guardian still looks amazing
in this game, basically a giant bird like feathery dog, & a young
boy speaking Japanese getting into some trouble and needs
protecting, being saved by the guardian's giant tail, coming

* New franchise from Guerrilla Games, showing off a trailer
stated to be captured off a PS4, people before the characters
were very technical before going into darkness, then the land
changed with the creatures, giant beast robots dangerously run
the land while new tribes fight in a post post apocalypse type
world, looks amazing! a chatty tribes women battles them with
bows and other weapons looks like the heavenly sword character.
a great over grown world (Horizon Zero Dawn)

* Square Enix - (Hitman), agent 47 returns to console & PC with a
very cool hip trailer, and an exclusive console beta.

* (Street Fighter 5)  A playstation Only exclusive & PC! A public
beta on July 25th

* Hello Games - (No Mans Sky) Gameplay, a giant limitless sandbox
with endless worlds, he shows off shooting enemys in space combat
that looks like halo a bit, shows off the vast solar systems by
zooming out, picking an unknown system then hyperdrive to it an
all new planet randomly created, everything fully destructible,
thee are giant mechs to protect the planets sweet. has trading,
fighting, tons of shit! Coming Soon!

* Media Molecule - New IP Project, (Dreams), shows off the game
as a 3d sketch book which you can create and draw via your PS
Controller, bring things to life with performance capture by your
controller, an artistic interesting game. they then showed off
some weird off the rails shit! can virtually create anything you
dream of!

* Campo Santo - (Firewatch) outdoor wilderness survival horror

* (Destiny The Taken King) - gameplay trailer shown, basically a
revenge trailer, 9/15/15, plus all new exclusive content coming

* Assassins Creed Was shown Off Again!

* World of Final Fantasy - on PS4 & vita in 2016

* a new trailer for a game that the music sounded like jaws lol,
a beautiful trailer, final fantasy 7 remake only on ps4, everyone
wanted it and loved it and the guy made a cue cue

* A list of indi games montage trailer shown,crossing souls,

devoier digital

* Shammue 3 kickstarter for Sony PS, then they had a count down
for the start if the kickstarter

* Batman Arkham Knight, showed a trailer of the joker's dead body
being burned and cremated then showed the scarecrow make a cop
shoot civilians, Scarecrow missions 6/23/15

* Morpheus VR, which you can use with your dual shock 4
controllers, and many publishers are on board with it.

* Talked about Spotify partnership, and the tv service
Playstation Vue - which you can subscribe to individual channels,
ps plus members get a discount on subscribing.

* Playstation partnering with Activision for Call Of Duty Black
Ops 3 by Treyarch, use to be a Microsoft partnership but was not
renewed. then they show off the gameplay trailer, nothing to

exciting shown off just more of the same, a bit late for sony
getting the COD Exclusivity... guessing they are showing 4 player
co-op in the game campaign..showed a guy swatting off nano bees.
ps players 1st for all maps and demo play whatever too late lol!

* showed another game montage video...

* then showed off (starwars Disney Infinity 3.0), Twilight of the
Republic, rise against the empire - a limited edition exclusive to
PS Platforms, plus other stuff lol starwars empire playset - boba

fett figure exclusive by the over hype guy lol!
* Showed off more StarWars Battlefront by Dice on PS, the guy
said Luke Skywater yes thats what he said! Looks pretty good and
"we sent you a drop bomb!" stating to play solo or co-op? wtf?

* (Uncharted 4 a thiefs end) trailer was shown, or live demo when
nothing worked and the action started again lol, now with bad
sound finally the game could be played epic end fail! but the
game looks good, great job naughty dog for the good work but bad
on presentation..
a crazy vehicle chase through the city down hill, driving over

huts & buildings, looks like a GTA experience

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