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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PODCAST: E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: EA & Ubisoft Press Conference

E3 Gamer PodCast 2015

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(E3 EA)
> * ea starts with a western theme song for a New (Mass Effect
Andromeda) 2016 teaser trailer

* ceo andrew wilson starts the show ( he looks like a british
assassin lol) he announces starwars battlefront to close the show
talks about how everyone should just play!

* New (Need for speed) trailer showing live action video, with
drifting! it's police infested & frostbite infested! speed,
style, build, crew outlaw, coming Nov 3rd! realistic looking game
which could rival that of forza. gameplay showing off alot of
drifting art.

* (StarWars the old republic) New expansion, Knights of the
fallen empire oct/27/2015, will be free to all subscribers,
showed off come gameplay VO. They keep saying starwars
battlefront is coming later!

* 2 New IPs stated to be shown: (Unravel), with a yarn cat called
yarnnie, the creator talks about the art of the game with love
and emotion, the guy had a yarnie doll that he made lol, seems
like the game is like yoshi's epic yarn or little big planet. The
gameplay looks fantastic don't know who this game is for?
(PLants vs. zombies garden warefare 2) was shown off. showed off
a live gameplay demo, colorfull fun looking gameplay where now
you face the plants as the zombies, with new plant types, fun
gameplay, GiGaTourchWood!! a giant tree trunk with flames, and a
>getaway garden ops<, solo-mode or co-op mode against ai!
launches in spring 2016! Announced FREE content updates. (Alot of
time was given to Plants vs. Zombies 2)

* Hockey trailer shown, (NHL 16), July 14th (PGA Tour 16)
releases; New sports mechanics for force feedback for games; (NBA
Live 16), hoop god? wtf?? shows face scans for your face in the
game (Game Face HD); they state reliable and stable with better
hoop shooting while holding the shoot button to the shot..
* Mobile: (StarWars Galaxy of Heros), (Minions Paradice) showed
off trailer for game & gameplay footage looks very mobileish

* a soccer player called Pele' came on stage after a soccer
montage trailer, I'm falling asleep now in this conference wow
lol! (Fifa 16) I will not buy or play! yawn... Now they talk
game.... they mention fifa trainer for anyone who cares plus now
play as women wow...

* (Mirrors Edge Catalyst) origion story of the character Faith,
you play as her and dont need guns again lol, made using the
frostbite engine. No levels, No loading screen free roaming open
world, coming Feb/23/2016

* showed off (Madden 16), showing off a vid montage of the
cheaters oh I mean the Patriots lol, oh who cares I dont care for
football anyway, they show off the players, stats, etc., showing
draft champions yaw, they showed off more football crap shame...
still not much in games AT ALL!...

* coo peter moore comes on stage, wow why did you ever leave
Microsoft? talks about Frostbite game engine & (StarWars
BattleFront) showed off actual game models compaired to the fake
ones lol, showing lots of concept pics, finally lets play
starwars wow ea! they showed a person shoot at a tifighter with a
pistol, game looks pretty good, showing the hoth ice planet
battle with the hero and villian fight luke vs. vader.

(E3 Ubisoft)
* (South Park The Stick of Truth: the Fractured But Whole)
announced By tray parker & matt stone A new game they said they
would never make! Aisha Tyler is sexily on stage yeeeessss! Still
tall & Hot! "wonder if the origional game will be backwards

* she talks about ubi's passion and the ceo yeas gillimount came
out talked about gaming passion and announced a new ip to show
off now!

* (For Honor) announced a mid evil like game set through the
ages, and a brutish man comes out with a sword cane talking about
the game, new type of gameplay the art of battle, looks like Ryse
a little bit which meets dynasty warriors, he had 8 players on
stage playing the game

* The Crew wild run, expansion showing off flipping monster
trucks, & racing cars 11/17/2015

* (Trials Fusion Awesome Level max) expansion pack announced, a
cat riding a fire breathing unicorn!!

* (The Division) A live action RPG being showed off again, maybe
finally a release date?? They show off what is called the dark
zone, showing off opposing teams going after the enemy, and the
people are talking in fake ingame chat that is not realistic at
all, then one man kills the whole group to take the loot and run,
Betas coming next year 2016 for XboxOne, PS4, & PC, & a March 8th
2016 release!

* by blue byte productions, game looks like red faction a bit, a
space city building game (Anno 2205), Nov 5th

* (Just Dance 2016), & you dont Need a camera to play and can use
just a smart phone, then jason derulo or whatever his name is
came on stage to sing and dance with his backup crew lol!,
available on all platforms this october! also anounced (Just
dance unlimited streaming service)

* (Rainbow Six Siege) Announced showed the realistic trailer with
a great look and feel, angella bassett played six in the game,
they talk about how she played the character and other characters
she played in other things.  Terrohunt mode, showing co-op
multiplayer defusing a bomb mission Beta starts Sept/24th/2015 on
all platforms.

* (track mainia turbo), coming to next gen consoles from PC
finally, showing off a great Fast looking game, 200 total tracks,
plus infinite tracks you can play, crazy looking ways to play and
drive. No release date given yet

* (Assassins creed Syndicate) more assassins creed if you want it
or not! showing off a gitty city and alot of people wearing irish
caps, then the assassin trailer ends up in a pub with a pub
fight. more gears and machines in the middle of the industrial
revolution, set in london not irish, looks average no gameplay
footage yawn.

* the Ubi CEO comes back on with a game trailer with dead person
money, & blood, showing off an assassination of a cocain dealer
and a truck goes off the road, squad based shooter, massive open
world, (Ghost Recon WildLand) ends the show..
No Rabbids, No Big New IPs....

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