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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PODCAST: E3Gamer 2015 Audiocast Microsoft Press Conference

E3 Gamer PodCast 2015

* 1st showed off a game Montage

* bonnie Ross from 343 industries came out to start the show

* (halo 5 guardians shown off 1st), showing off the 1st gameplay,
looking very colorful and pretty, your playing as Locke in the

1st part searching for chief,
Your with your squad and can give them commands for strategy.
Enemies break apart in pretty light fragments like fire sparks,
coming out 10/27/15

In the game you can control 2 squads master chiefs & locke's
They showed off the halo 5 multiplayer, war zone multiplayer

* showing off a ms game world premiere xbox exclusive, record
spring 2016, a game where you can change characters with orbs, an
exclusive 1st party franchise

* Phil Spencer came on to thank fans and intoduce (xbox 360
backwards compatibility on xboxone!!!)  Both retail disks &
digital, available today for preview members & rest in the

* (showing off a new Xbox controller)  amazing lots of

* next tod howard came out to show off (fallout 4), using the new
customazation engine, showed off a new weapon in the game called
a Lazar musket, crank & shoot!  Mods created on PC can be shared
and played on xboxone for free!

* Peter moore, ea, talks (ea access) talking about titainfall &
dragonage inquisition coming soon, talks about access being free
all week this week, also announced p(lants vs. Zombies garden
warfare 2!) Showed trailer spring 2016 crazy trailer!

* (Forza motorsport 6) showed the new exclusive trailer, over 450
unique cars, tons of places to driving , Sept 16th!

* from software inc. & bandi namco, (dark souls 3), early 2016

* ubisoft, (tom clancy's the division)  world premiere trailer,

realistic rpg, xboxone exclusive beta invite this december!
(Rainbow siege) 10/13/15, talks xbox360 backwards compatibility
older rainbow 6 games come free when you purchase seige!

* xboxone & win 10 exclusive: (Gigantic) a free to play game demo
coming 2016

* showed off a video Montage of indi games coming to id@xbox,
showed (tacoma) by full bright studios, 1st on x1 & win 10 coming
2016;  aurora44 showed (ashen), x1 exclusive; (beyond eyes)
summer 2015, (cuphead, don't deal with the devil) by mdhr studios
a classic cartoon style game exclusive to  x1
(Xboxone game preview), where you can try & buy any developed or
in dev games. Starts today 2 downloads available now!  Shown
(ion) a new game by day z dev

* Brian Horton of crystal dynamics, (rise of the tomb raider)
holiday 2015, shown gameplay, showing a bit of call of duty style
gameplay in climbing!, looks to still making bows & killing
animals, tombs, underwater caverns, nov/10/2015

* rare, rare replay 30 games for $30! Aug/4/2015, 30th

Stream went out on the Xbox live App! Sad got it working later..
don't know what I missed..
(Sea of theves)

* x1 & windows 10 exclusive, free to play on x1 with gold, fable

* kudo tsunodo vp @ Microsoft, talking vr with valve? Wow! &
oculas rift both can use the x1 controller , talks ms holo-lens,
talks minecraft & minecon 2015 in london, a new version of
minecraft built from ground up for holocaust lens, created a vr
world on the show table in real time!  Very cool
* rod fergusson, (gears of war ultimate edition!) Coming: august 25th 2015
The new gears of war game showed off looking great!, started
showing 2 new characters and great looking world chainsaw gun
included!, Gears announced holiday 2016!

* xbox experiences coming July 29th for Windows 10 more to come!

Format: 128kps mp3
Length: 1:16:28


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