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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Monday, June 15, 2015

E3 2015: Doom

Coming in Spring 2016, Doom (or Doom 4) is a sequel to the Doom series for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Based on the seminal first personal shooter of the same name, the new Doom hopes to invoke the spirit of speed, aggression, and violence its predecessor popularized.

Combat and Campaign

E3 2015 offered a look into details of the Doom 4 campaign. Footage offered a glimpse into a facility of some kind that has been overrun with demons. Other scenes depicted massive beasts attacking the player in Hell itself. The scenes and colors were evocative of the original Doom. 

Fast-paced combat is making a return from older Doom titles, with a focus on run and gun style play versus taking cover. Sprinting, double-jumping, and mantling are all possible. The developers compare the style to Bruce Lee with a shotgun on a skateboard.
Close range executions have been added, including special types triggered by dropping down on enemies from above. This also applies to player deaths, resulting in Dead Space styled fatality sequences. 

Old school mechanics are back. No reloading clips, weapon limits, or regenerating health. Ammo and health kits are in pickup form once more. Enemies drop health when damaged, so often the only way to heal is to kill.
The game is set outside a massive UAC research facility on Mars as it's being invaded by the forces of Hell.


Classic enemies are returning like the Hellknights, Cyberdemons, Revenants, Mancubii, and more. Enemies engage in ranged and melee combat, and can pull off terrifying close-range finishers. 

Enemies can teleport in for old-school style ambushes. Enemies can be quick and agile.


Original Doom weapons are confirmed. The fan-favorite shotgun, double-barrel shotgun. plasma rifle, rocket launcher, and the chainsaw were also shown off. Some weapons have alternate fire modes. The combat shotgun can be charged up for multiple blasts. 

The iconic BFG also appears to make a cameo at the end of one preview sequence. Melee kills have been added for point-blank sequences.


Single player campaign locations include hell and hell-like dimensions or landscapes, as well as internal industrial-style installations. Multiplayer locations include an AUC facility on Mars.


The developers are targeting a 1080p/60 fps release across platforms.


Multiplayer makes a triumphant return on Doom. The original Doom gave the world the term "Deathmatch" and early footage shows an arena-based multiplayer combat built around speed and sudden violence. 
Multiplayer modes include Domination, Freeze Tag, and Clan Arena. A rune available in multiplayer will allow players to transform into a demon. This transformation may iterate on the classical Quad Damage upgrade. 


The new DOOM introduces a feature called SNAPMAP, which allows players to use built-in MOD tools to create & share user-generated content for both multiplayer & single player campaigns. SNAPMAP promises "uncompromising depth" without demanding any map-building experience from the player. 

Map pieces/assets will snap together like lego pieces. SNAPMAP will be available on all platforms - Consoles & PC. 

Development and Lineage

The new Doom is the third sequel to one of the most important and influential video games. Originally developed by a small team including programmer John Carmack (now of Oculus), level designers John Romero and Sandy Peterson, designer Tom Hall, (who left id during development), and artist Adrian Carmack, DOOM used clever programming tricks to simulate an immerse, tiered 3D environment. Its speed and graphical complexity were unparalleled among its contemporaries. Doom also spawned the modern first-person deathmatch, and its deliberately-modifiable design made it very important to the early PC mod community.

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