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Teardown/Persona 4 Golden – GameOn - Episode #83

Monday, March 30, 2015

1st Gameplay City: Skylines

This is 1st Gameplay with City Skylines a game taken out of the SimCity game world by making city building right! Due to the horrid broken gameplay that EA has done with the latest SimCity installment another game company decided to make it right again for us Sim heads that love the creation of cities in large scale, so City Skylines was born! This game has tons in store for a low price since its launch at only $30! (Available on Steam) Even though there is as of yet NO disasters except for the occasional fire here and there. This is truly the SimCity we all wanted Plus More! with Steam Mod support and great fun features, Let's Start Building! ……..ENJOY!

PLEASE NOTE! Sorry about the audio from my commentary something keeps happening during my recordings which distorts the game and my audio, I tried cleaning it up as best as possible but in future PC game plays I'll try a different method of recording my audio! Sorry Again..

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