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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wil You Get The Hololens Headset By Microsoft?

At a Windows 10 event held today, Microsoft made a number of announcements, including a new, wearable technology the company is calling Hololens.

Hololens is a headset device that's built around augmented reality technology. It creates 3D holographic images that wearers can interact with. Hololens is a standalone headset device--its CPU, GPU, and "Holographic Processor" are all on-board--that exists within a larger platform called Microsoft Holographic, an initiative the company says is intended to further blend your digital life with reality.

There is no projected price, nor exact release date yet for the Hololens. Wired has an extensive write-up of the device that's absolutely worth reading if you want to get a picture of what Microsoft envisions for this thing.
 Microsoft discussed Windows 10's applications in regards to its home gaming console, the Xbox One. Microsoft will integrate Windows 10 into the Xbox One in the future, though Xbox head Phil Spencer did not have specifics on how that integration would function. He did, however, offer a demonstration of Windows 10's new Xbox One streaming technology. Xbox One owners will be able to stream any game from their library to any Windows 10 PC or tablet.

Spencer also confirmed that the Xbox One will have its own Windows 10 app, allowing users to see games you've played on Xbox One and PC devices, and access your friends list and messages. Lastly, it was revealed that Lionhead Studios' upcoming online co-op game Fable Legends will also be coming to Windows PCs, with cross-platform play built in.

Windows 10 is expected to roll out later this year, and will be offered as a free upgrade for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users for its first year.

Ask yourself this will you be getting on?

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