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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WWE2K15 1st Gameplay with Mr. Mike

Hey everyone the launch of WWE2K15 for the Next-Gen consoles is here. I Mr. Mike will take you through the beginning of the game showing the sweet looking graphics and how well the controls feel to the all-out presentation of the wrestling in the game.  Finally we also look at the roster of wrestlers plus the bonus DLC I had gotten of Sting & Hogan with my Hulkamania Edition of WWE2K15.    ENJOY!!

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As a special mini review I Mr. Mike have decided to sell my copy of WWE2K15 due to the lack of characters/Wrestlers/Divas in the game, broken game elements to also include very poor controls.  The New Chain mechanic is a very annoying bad representation in the game as you can see in my video above!

In conclusion with all the misrepresentation involving this so-called Next-Gen game, I HIGHLY recommend that No One Purchase this game and save your $60+ for something better than this.
I only give this game 1 1/2 STARS Due to all the wrong that is involved with this poor iteration for a so called game.  Sorry but its the truth.

NOTE: More of my ideas about this game on the Next GamezAttack AudioCast

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