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GameOn Live: Saints Row The 3rd Remastered - Episode #67

Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Podcast Episode: JuJu2Cast Audiocast #104: I Can Fly Twice As High

JuJu2Cast Podcast

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> Just Watched the LaVar Burton Reading Rainbow Kickstarter
> Mr. Mike and his 4hr Driving course rant of the weeeeek!
> Steve Ballmer is Soon the LA Clippers Daddy...
> Mr. Mike's New Car Stereo Coming Soon Tomorrow!
> E3 Coming Very Soon
> Apple Aquires Beats & Solidifies Its Fate

:TV/Movies News!
> World War Z Sequael & It's Writer
> Zombieland Director for Ghostbusters 3?
> New Transformers 4 TV Spot

> $3000 For a Titan Z GPU Card??
> Google's Next Phase for Self Driving Cars
> Your ISP's Video Quality Test By Google

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Format: MP3 HD
Bitrate: 128 Kbps
Length: 1:49:59


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