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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Windows XP Has Passed Away Today RIP!


Microsoft is officially pulling the life support plug on Windows XP. And while the majority of PC users have obviously moved on to newer operating systems, some people have actually held on to Windows XP over the last 12 years. As reported by The Washington Post, an alarming number of government machines are still running the old OS--and that could create a security problem.
Yep that's our government for you, you pay high taxes and they don't fix shit even their computer/software problems!

 Apparently, over 13 percent of PCs in the United States are still running Windows XP, despite Microsoft announcing the concrete end for support over two years ago. As much as 10 percent of U.S. government computers--including thousands of PCs holding sensitive information--will now be without further security updates.

But even though XP is gone you know you can spend $100 or less per PC to get a Windows 8.1 license right??? So No excuses you cheap outdated people upgrade NOW! The savings and improvements will be very beneficial to you trust me..

I Mr. Mike will talk on my upcoming JuJu2Cast Audiocast this weekend about the death of XP and what your options are! STAY TUNED!! 

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