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Yakuza Like Me – Yakuza Like A Dragon – Episode#01

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Episode!!: GamezAttack Audiocast #98: Titanfall Tu** SA** Sunday!

GamezAttack Podcast

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The Last Minute Bonus!: Titanfall I Have played It!!
>Games Mr. Mike Has Played! GTA Online & Rise Son of Rome

(Last Weeks Games News)
> Project Milo Isn't Coming Back!
> Project Spark Enters Open Beta on XboxOne
> Logitech Wireless Harmony Smart Keyboard for X1 & More
> Forza 5 Free with X1 Purchase
> Titanfall Does Have a Season Pass After All
> Microsoft files 2 new trademarks of games
> March 20th DirectX 12
> New final Batman game Arkham Knight
> No Arkham Knight Multiplayer
> Play Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham Knight
> GTA 5 coming to Next Gen After all?
> Jack Tretton Leaving CEO position of SCEA
> Disney Interactive Lays off 700 Employees NO!!!!!
> WatchDogs to be finally Released
> TombRaider Closing on 6 million sold copies

(This Weeks Games News!)
> Sony's Driveclub Back to the Drawing Board!
> Battlefield 4 Server Rentals Coming to Consoles Soon??
> Gone Home Coming to Consoles
> Titanfall Launched at 792P on XboxOne...
> X1 PC Drivers Still Coming!
> X1 Headset Adapter Issues
> PS Now Game Prices Maybe Revealed?
> People still interested in the Last Guardian & Sony Loves it!
> The 300GB Archival Disc by Sony & Panasonic

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