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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Podcast!: UltimateTruth Audiocast #12: Truth has Got a Gun

UltimateTruth Podcast

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> The Theme song for the UltimateTruth Audiocast is
By: Sonata Arctica
Song: I Have a Right
Available: On LastfM

> Mr. Miller is back with alot of shit on his mind... with Mr. Mike joining
here is the UltimateTruth with Bugs Bunny! Oh & P.S. A Gun....

> Email Keith Your questions or comments In text Or Audio file
to: corecast2011@gmail.com Subject Header UltimateTruth
OR TWEET/FOLLOW Mr. Keith: @UTruthPodcast

Format: MP3 HD
Bitrate: 128 Kbps
Length: 54:11

https://archive.org/download/UltimatetruthAudiocast12TruthHasGotAGun/UltimatetruthA  udiocast12TruthHasGotAGun.mp3

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