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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Marvel Titles no Longer Available Digitally Due To License Expiration!


A range of Activision and Capcom titles based on Marvel properties have been delisted from Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, following the apparent expiration of licensing contracts.
Originally announced on Facebook, it's since been confirmed by the Activision's community manager Dan Amrich on Twitter that games based on Deadpool, X-Men and Spider-Man have all been pulled, with Capcom's Marvel vs. Capcom series also being affected.

With both Capcom and Activision having to pull titles from digital stores, it seems likely that Marvel is re-evaluating game distribution and licenses across the board.
Seeing as Deadpool only launched six months ago, the action title from High Moon Studios really hasn't been available that long. We're told retail copies of the game are still available at the moment, though it's unclear whether this will only be the case until the current run of stock is gone.

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