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Yakuza Like Me – Yakuza Like A Dragon – Episode#01

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mr. Mike JuJu2Cast My Time Announcement!!

Hey everyone Mr. Mike here just to lets everyone know who come to this site, listen to my podcasts, & or watch my videos some updates and changes will be occurring!

On this Saturday of the new JuJu2Cast Audiocast me Mr. Mike will be taking about some changes on how I do things on this site and all media I do!

As of Now you should all know I have started a new Full Time job which ruffly includes me working 10 + hr days at least 5 Days a week!...or longer....

Due to me having this NEW job and still doing my part time Qore Computers business my schedule for free time and casting will be reduced alot! Cas don't I deserve a day or two off? Yep I do. So I will be changing around alot of things.

So stay tuned for Saturday night for my JuJu2Cast Podcast on what I will be doing, rants, & my new job! 

Thanks for all of your support guys!!!


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