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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Wednesday, January 8, 2014



So WWE just announced their NEW digital network the WWE Network a 24/7 service like Netflix with old  and new WWE content, Like Raw & Smackdown, and ALL LIVE PPVs!! Yes Live PPVs in 720P HD on almost every device and TV you can connect to the internet with.

The date this whole thing goes down will be on February 24th 2014 this year right before this upcoming Wrestlemania! This is a great idea something if all goes well of course with new technology when it launches, all others will be watching to see how WWE pulls all this ON DEMAND & LIVE programing off.

This may change how more networks may work bringing in the cord cutting era to a whole new level why pay for what you don't watch, only pay for what you think is good right? Right!

So after bringing on a lot of executives and WWE stars the whole price comes down to a small price of $9.99 per month basically $10 per month which Mr. Mike thinks they should have just said lol.
This very small price will intrigue many with decent broadband internet to watch all WWE programing which includes ALL Pay-Per-Views! YES ALL PPVs! LIVE! a great addition which will save the average WWE fan around $675 per year! Now we can just go buy all their gear!... 

All this technology comes into question a massive undertaking indeed but doable. Which is why WWE had partnered with MLB Advanced Media to get this all worked out, you know lots of bandwidth and Teraflops  of storage from the past and future WWE library!

In closing as a on again off again WWE watcher/fan I love this idea and hope it works great at launch. I will personally be subscribing this for me and my friends to watch any and every era of WWE we love like the Attitude Era, Monday Night Wars anyone? And for me only $10 is a simple choice I'm poor like most I can use the savings, when others charge more for this type of content or like Netflix has a limited library or now NONE! This will help in me canceling my Directv contract as soon as it launches. Well after it works correctly I mean just to be cautious. 

So thanks Vince mcmahon Thanks Stephine, Thanks WWE! You will give this guy a great cheap gift that will keep on giving! For only $9.99! Starting Feb 24th 2014!

For to see my crappy notes look below, I will be doing a special podcast tomorrow on this from my JuJu2Cast Audiocast here on the JuJu2Cast Network!! And hopefully the replay video of this event tomorrow if YouTube doesn't take it down.

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WWE's Groundbreaking Announcement 2014
Crappy Notes!

What is it?
: WWE NETWORK ( feb 24th after raw wwe network goes live! so 47Days..) Bob Bowman MLB Advanced Media talks about wwe live partnership to deliver this media....

How Much Does It Cost?
: 9.99 - only $10 ($675.00 savings for all ppvs if not subscribed)

How Many Were On YouTube Live Watching This Announcement During CES?
: 75,000

What To Expect?

1st 24/7
on demand library

Anywhere anytime on any device

62million in usa have a wwe fan!

5x more wwe content used than anyone else

all 12 live wwe events wrestlemania! LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

new shows (Legends house, wrestlemania rewind, wwe countdown, the monday night war raw vs. wwe, 

a daily show

all old wwe, wcw, and ecw shows, all eras!

works on all android, xbox, playstation, roku, etc.

going global!

(They call it way over the top!)

(hosts: michael cole, Stephine, vince, DX HHH & HBK, stone cold, john cena, )

--- wwe.com, sign in, pay via credit, select your devices, now go watch!
-- I love how they say android and not apple! Ha 720p HD Video Feed!
-- Has an enhanced wwe program guide, like using a dvr!
--- 2nd screen experiences with the programs, & data.
---  you can also buy merchandise & wwe tickets through the app
-- an entire video library from past, present, and soon future!

they did a michael bay joke way too funny soon!! I love it with dx skit..

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