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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Toys R" Us Will Have XboxOnes This Sunday...Tomorrow!


Those in the market for an Xbox One in the United States will have the opportunity to buy one this weekend, as retailer Toys R Us has announced it will be receiving a shipment of Xbox One systems that will begin being sold this Sunday, December 8.

"To ensure we're getting this must-have item into as many hands as possible in the last stretch of the season, Toys "R" Us stores nationwide are receiving another shipment of Xbox One units which will be released at opening this Sunday, December 8," a representative for the retailer said in a statement.
The Xbox One systems will be sold both in stores and online through Toysrus.com for as long as they are available. There's no indication of how many systems will be sold, but Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been routinely selling out since their respective launches last month.

Xbox One reportedly outsold PlayStation 4 on Black Friday in the U.S., but that day coincided with the launch of PlayStation 4 in Europe, something which likely constrained supplies in the U.S. even further than they already had been.

Microsoft's new console has performed well so far, having sold one million units in its first 24 hours of availability. Systems have become available for sale since launch through Amazon and other retailers, often with no notice. That makes this opportunity to buy one through Toys R Us an opportune one for many, but it also likely means having to compete with more people aware of the console's availability.

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