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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New! GamerTech Audiocast #86: The Fallout

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Extra, Extra!! Breaking News! : PSN Hacked Again!, Mr. Mike's XboxOne
Troubles, XboxOne Don't Check That Button! Dev You Are Not!


> Sony's Upcoming Super Bundle
> UK PS4 Rush
> id Software's John Carmack Has Left the Building
> Rockstar Still States NO GTA V for PS4 & X1 & PC
> Rockstar vs. Lindsay Lohan
> XboxOne consoles Can Access Dev Tools ooooh!
> MS Xbox ID@Xbox Devs Announced
> MS stating they sell every console made and still trying to meet demand
> XboxLive Rewards Program
> PS4 & XboxOne to outsell predecessors? What? Really? I did not know!
> Xbox Modder Replaces internal HDD with a faster larger version!
> EA Studios Boss Unconvinced Free to Play is they way to go
> TellTale Tells us about The Walking Dead Season 2
> Nintendo Doesn't Listen To The People! WoW!

> Microsoft & Nokia purchase approved by US Justice
> Bluetooth 4.1 & BLE will be the New Innovation
> Where is the space? XboxOne & PS4
> Mr. Mike's Samsung Galaxy S..4 Review & Ever going Ting Review!

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