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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bethesda's Christmas Card


Bethesda has released its annual Christmas card, offering tantalising insight into its game line-up for 2014.

Released on the Bethblog, the image contains a number of references to upcoming Bethesda titles that we should expect to see next year.

Looking at this Bethesda Christmas Card what game references do you see? 

A number of people have pointed to the vault under the tree or the robot dog as evidence that Fallout 4 will be headed our way next year, 

These are nods to The Evil Within and Wolfenstein: The New Order, respectively. The blood-spattered vault wrapped in barbed wire is Boxman's head from The Evil Within, while the robotic pooch is a Panzerhund from the Wolfenstein franchise.  

The gold-plated Ouroboros on the wall is in reference to The Elder Scrolls Online, but if you look closely to the left side of the metal box with the barbed wire what do you see?

Maybe a number 4 in the scene? Maybe? Well this is one of the clues other sites have missed when looking at the card but lets hope and hope some more, on the fact that Fallout4 may be indeed coming!

What do you think?

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