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Monday, November 4, 2013

Wii Mini Coming to Retail Stores in the US

Nintendo's most affordable Wii comes bundled with Mario Kart this Fall.

Nintendo has announced that Wii Mini, a more affordable version of their successful Wii console, is coming to the US retail stores in mid November.
Two weeks ago, Nintendo discontinued production of the Wii in Japan, but clarified in a statement what that would mean for the future.  “The announcement that the Wii console has been discontinued is specific to Japan. There is no change in the status of Wii in the United States, and it is available for purchase this holiday season.”

The Wii Mini originally released in Canada  last year on December 7 for $99.00. Nintendo’s Wii has sold over 100 million units worldwide lifetime as of June 2013.

The current system bundle comes in a red and black design includes a red Wii Remoter Plus, Nunchuck attachment, and a copy of Mario Kart Wii. Remember, the Wii Mini does not include any online functionality whatsoever -- which includes teh ability to play games online or download software from the Wii Shop. It also does not support backwards compatibility with the Nintendo Gamecube.

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