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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Monday, November 4, 2013

NEW!! GamerTech Audiocast #81: Rockstar of Compromise Part2

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Bonus: Microsoft having a special sale on buying a 12month Xbox Gold
membership purchase get a free $20 MS Money back!! Good at select retail!

> R* States GTA:Online Stimulus Coming This Week....We'll See....
> GTA 5 iFruit App finally out on Android...But To Late?
> GTA Online New Content Coming!
> GTA 5 Shipped 29Million Copies So-Far
> TakeTwo Talks GTA Online's Future
> TakeTwo Has More Than 10 Next-Gen Games in Development
> WiiU Still Fails in the Market..Under 500,000 sold in 6 months..
> Nintendo Cancels SwapNote Due To "Offensive Mature Material" Really
Nintendo Really??
> NCAA Lawsuit Settlement Cost EA $40Mill
> EA Cancels Command & Conquer plus closes Victory Studios
> Next-Gen EA Golf Won't Use TigerWoods Anymore!
> Clementine Playable Character in The WalkingDead: Season2
> Capcom Hopes DeadRising3 will sell 1.2million copies
> Ubi Kills teh Online Pass Scheme BlackFlag is Back!

> None!

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