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Yakuza Like Me –Like A Dragon Ishin Episode #04

Sunday, November 3, 2013

NEW!! GamerTech Audiocast #80: PS4 Just Can't Do PART1

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> PS4 Doesn't Support External HDDs
> PS4 Remote Play on Vita May Be Limited
> Stuff You Can't Do With Your PS4!
> Sony's PS4 Projections
> New PS3 Controller Announced for Japan??
> COD 1080p PS4 & 720p & Upscaled for XboxOne
> TitanFall X1,360,PC Exclusive for Life!!!
> Next-Gen Privacy Statement for How Kinect Collects Data Private or Not?
> Kinect Sports Rivals Free Trial DayOne
> Halo: Spartan Assult X1 & 360 Bound Now...
> The Future for Gears Of War Franchise
> SouthPark: The Stick Of Truth Delayed AGAIN????

> Android KitKat 4.4
> Panasonic Stops Plasma TV Production
> FAA Finally Gets With Future SortOf.. Electronics Use
> LG Unveils A Flex Curved Smartphone with A Self Healing Case...ooooooh!

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