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Saturday, November 23, 2013

iFixit's XboxOne TearDown!

Here is iFixit's tear down of the XboxOne console so you can see what is really inside and take a sigh of relief to see that this Next-Gen console won't meltdown on you.

For The Full Teardown Go to iFixit.com CLICK LINK HERE

Xbox One Teardown

  • This is the One. The One we've all been waiting for this whole time. The Xbox One.
  • Think we're pulling your leg with all this New Zealand funnybusiness? Check out the folks in the background of this Xbox New Zealand release photo—that would be our very own Samantha Lionheart (in red) and Optimus Goldberg (in orange).
  • Tech Specs:
    • 8-core x86 processor
    • HDMI pass-through
    • 8 GB of RAM
    • 500 GB storage capacity
    • Blu-ray/DVD drive

       Image #1
      • 'Round the back of the console, itself, we find:
        • Power Inlet
        • HDMI Out (left) and HDMI In (right)
        • Digital Optical Audio Out
        • Two USB 3.0 Ports
        • Kinect Port
        • Infrared Output and Ethernet Port
      • Possibly up to no good is a roguish third USB 3.0 port, manning the left side all by itself.

       Image #1
       Image #1
       Image #1
       Image #1
       Image #1
       Teardown update: We tossed the One's hard drive into one of the tech writers' secondary hard drive bays. We found five NTFS partitions:
      • Temp Content: 44 GB capacity, 27.1GB available (in an Xbox that we never turned on).
      • User Content: 391.9 GB capacity, none used.
      • System Support: 42.9 GB capacity, 34.1 GB available.
      • System Update: 12.8 GB capacity, 11.8 GB available.
      • System Update 2: 7.52 GB capacity, 7.47 GB available.
      Sadly, we were not able to go the other way -- we didn't have a spare hard drive (in New Zealand) to put into the Xbox One. So that will have to wait for another day!
       Image #2
       Image #1
       Image #1
       Image #1
       Looks very pretty inside huh?! Just like the teardown of the PS4 nice and clean and looking very easy to fix, mod (If wanting trouble!), or upgrade the 500GB HDD if it can be done in the future. Though external drive support is said to be coming later!


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