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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CountDown To XboxOne!

The countdown to the biggest gaming console release is almost here! The PS4 is already out with limited fanfare with some PS4 units having hardware problems to a lackluster game launch lineup. Games like Killzone don't come close to helping Sony get ahead with the system, and now with a soon already dry spell coming for the PS4 till next year what else can we do with our PS4s? Umm Nothing?! Even though Sony has touted out many times that they have sold millions on units Day 1 those numbers don't come to the point that there are No games and a BIG Lack of features from their system right now.

The XboxOne come this Friday or Thursday Night Midnight for you rich spoiled gamers, lol sigh Me Mr. Mike is getting mine on Friday being shipped via snail mail NOT USPS But UPS which I may get my console at 7PM that day shit!!! Oh we will see...

Next I will record my X1 Unboxing, compare the hardware, and do a 1st Gameplay with DeadRising3, all while getting a sheet pizza and having some posse come on over to check out the system and how it runs for them.

I will record a early GamerTech AudioCast for all of you lots of crazy News from PS4 to X1 and so on! And give my 1st impressions on the X1 system as I played it at my New local Microsoft store.

I will record a JuJu2Cast AudioCast & a PumpCast hopefully plus edit and upload lots of gaming, unboxing videos!

NextWeek is Thanksgiving Week!
SO NO Podcasts for that week!


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