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Saturday, November 16, 2013

BatBoy Saves Gotham City!

As promised, the San Francisco chapter of The Make-A-Wish Foundation turned the City by the Bay into Gotham for a day, fulfilling the wish of five-year-old Miles Scott. You may recall Miles as the kid who, after kicking Leukemia’s ass, wanted nothing more than to spend a day as his favorite hero, Batman. Today, Miles got his wish and pretty much the entire city of San Francisco got in on the fun.

More than 12,000 volunteers showed up to cheer Miles on as he cruised around the city in a borrowed Lamborghini made up to look like the Batmobile. Batkid’s adventure saw him answer a call from the police commissioner, confront the Riddler and the Penguin, and rescue the San Francisco Giants mascot, Lou Seal, before being awarded the key to the city by the mayor.
As if that wasn’t enough, the United States Attorney’s office and the FBI joined in, issuing stern indictments for the crimes attributed to the two supervillians. Even President Obama took a moment to record a Vine congratulating Batkid on a job well done.

Since the plan was announced a few weeks ago, Miles, who’s been fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia since he was 20 months old, has received an unprecedented outpouring of support from around the globe. The event garnered so much attention that, as of this writing, the Make-A-Wish website has been shut down by an overload of visitors.

Some, however, take issue with expending so many (donated) resources on one person, including San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar, who wrote on Instagram “Waiting for Miles the Batkid and wondering how many 1000s of SF kids living off SNAP/FoodStamps could have been fed from the $$."
What do you think? Are folks like Mar right, or is it okay to indulge a brave kid's dreams every once in a while?

Me Mr. Mike thinks that what Make-A-Wish does for kids fighting life threatening illnesses and granting them one wish for anything they could want for is great!  For those who judge or question what happens to help these kids through Make-A-Wish or any other organization should be ashamed and just shut their uncaring holes in their heads. This is what Make-A-Wish is for Not a food stamp provider, Not a hospital bill payer, Not a god damn ObamaCare or healthy food for fat kids provider NO! They do what they do nothing else so if you have to question something like this then take one hard look at yourself in the mirror, because your not that deserving for what can make a kid truly happy in this world!


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