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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Monday, October 14, 2013

NEW!! PumpCast Audiocast #28: Not Much Of A Workout..

PumpCast Audiocast #28: Not Much Of A Workout..

NOTE: JuJu2Cast.com is testing a lower 96Kbps bitrate for casts extending
2-3weeks! This is for those who wish for a still great audio quality,
but wanting smaller download sizes for portable devices and Data Plans.
Any feedback will be appreciated on Casts quality, contact us via our email

> Visit juju2cast.com

> New Updated Home Based Gym On The Cheap!
> Wrestling Wrapup
> Workout Talk
> My Friend's & their Workout habits & how to get my pal
keith to get serious about the pump..
> Winter Workouts

> Email Me Your Workout routines, results, questions In text Or Audio file
to: corecast2011@gmail.com

Format: MP3 HD
Bitrate: 96 Kbps
Length: 46:14

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