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Friday, October 4, 2013

GTA V Big PATCHES Coming to PS3 & 360!


Rockstar has announced a title update for GTA Online designed to fix the most commonly reported issues is now available on PS3, with an Xbox 360 version due for release by the end of the day.
The patch hopes to deal with most of the problems reported in yesterday's update, which you can see below.

 As the troubles plaguing GTA Online continue, Rockstar has once again updated its list of known issues as well as suggested a potential workaround for those gamers who are unable to get past the Tutorial race.
While matchmaking load screens timing out, offline and online content mixing on the Jobs list and a lack of objective markers showing in a free-roam session are all freshly discovered problems, the studio has managed to put some others to bed.

An earlier network issue for PlayStation 3 users limiting the number of concurrent users was preventing a lot of people from accessing GTA Online - this has now been resolved. General instability is being addressed and, in the meantime, the studio has decided to turn off the game's microtransactions until things are sorted. You can still earn GTA$ by completing Jobs and other activities, you just can't buy extra cash until the gameplay experience is more stable.

Finally, Rockstar has acknowledged many gamers are unable to get past the Tutorial race, whether due to loading issues or repeated freezes; thankfully, there may finally be a fix. A new bit of support reads, "Some players have reported being able to get into the Tutorial race by re-downloading the Title Update, which can be deleted from Xbox Home or the PS3 XMB (Game Data Utility, NOT save data). Others reported having luck by selecting "Swap Character" from the Online tab within the pause menu, deleting the character that was unable to get into the tutorial, and then creating a new character. Some who were experiencing this issue have been able to get in just by trying again later."

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