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Thursday, October 10, 2013

GTA Online & Character Deletion Fixed! Says Rockstar

Rockstar has released a new patch for GTA Online that's designed to stop characters being randomly deleted.
A post on the Rockstar Newswire explains that the latest update should prevent any more players losing their characters, rank, apartments or cash. The one thing that you may still lose is your vehicle, but only in certain circumstances.

"A new title update to address the reported issues of game progress loss in GTA Online as well as other technical fixes, tweaks and enhancements is now available for PlayStation 3, and we expect it to be available by tomorrow at the latest for Xbox 360," it reads.
"This title update will resolve the cause of players losing their gameplay progress except for some specific instances where players purchase a vehicle and the save does not occur due to a cloud save failure. A fix for that particular issue is being worked on and we will provide an update as soon as we know when this will be resolved." 

Despite this, Rockstar has reiterated the advice offered last week; Exit GTA Online by returning to Single Player in order to force a save, and do not select "Retry" or create a temporary character when confronted with a message saying the Rockstar Cloud Servers are down.
The developer added it's continuing to investigate what caused the loss of characters as well as what can be done about it. As of right now, it isn't clear whether lost characters can be restored or if compensation will be coming.

The full list of fixes included in the update is pretty extensive, but includes issues with infinite loading times, missing interface options, the retry button not working, the loss of guns and ammo, races ending early due to spawn problems, getting stuck in the lobby for Last Team Standing. It's also adjusted the monetary punishment for being killed in a One on One match, as well as made it clearer when the Rockstar Cloud Servers are down so you don't accidentally continue online with a temporary character.

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