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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mr. Mike's GTA V Vacation!!

Hey Everyone Mr. Mike here with my finished schedule for what will hopefully be my official GTA V vacation.  At this time I will be offline from JuJu2Cast.com unless some really big and important shit goes down then I would be back! 

Otherwise I will not be doing any New Podcasts, videos, or articles anything during this time, this will exclude any New GTA V Videos or Podcasts Those WILL Happen! If any of my friends like Mr. Keith want to make some New Podcasts during this time they are Free to anytime!

On my off time I will be playing nothing but GTA V!, & I will be working on a number of things like my NEW home based Job, & I will be updating the site with my new UPDATED Logos, Art, Video Clip Headers, Music, And Such!

Which when I return everything should get a New Like Refresh Plus me Welcoming all of you back to JuJu2Cast.com!

Any more info will be stated on a latter JuJu2Cast Audiocast Episode!

ANY Questions:
Email: Mr. Mike: corecast2011@gmail.com
Tweet: @JuJu2Cast

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