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Sunday, August 25, 2013

JuJu2Cast Audiocast #67: 12,500 Page Views & Counting!(Yes Up Sun!) OUT ON-TIME!!

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>> What's Going On Now? Past, Present, Future (My GTA V Vacation!)
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> Bye Bye Ballmer: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Announces His Retirement!
(Mr. Mike Rants)
> Politicians ask end to deals between gun makers & game makers!
> Pacific Rim Fights Back at Box Office
> Expendables 3 Begins Filming!
> Lee Thompson Young Dies at 29
> Ian McDiarmid Rumoured to Return To StarWars
> JP4 Director wants to make a Kick-Ass JurassicPark Film
> Bay's Ninja Turtles Gets Pushed
> Is Ben Affleck Bad for a New Batman?  IDK??

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Length: 1:37:12

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