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Yakuza Like Me – Yakuza Like A Dragon – Episode#06

Sunday, August 4, 2013

GamerTech Audiocast #67: Long Live Games! OutNow!

GamerTech Audiocast #67: Long Live Games!

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>> Games & Tech I've Used or Played...

> Free Games Microsoft?
> XboxOne Agressive Reputation
> How Much Does X1's Accessories Cost?
> Xbox360 Headset Adapter for X1
> XboxOne Supports Capture Devices!
> Microsoft At Gamescom Event
> PS4 Party Chat Free For All!
> Vita The PS4 Controller Explained
> 3.5GB of PS4 Ram Reserved for OS?
> GearsOfWar's Cliffy B. Teases New Venture!
> GTA V Rated In Australlia???
> Red Dead Redemption 2 & Bully 2 in Works??
> Ubisoft revealing New Next-Gen Franchise at Gamescom!
> Bethesda Reveals The Elder Scrolls Anthology for PC
> Real Boxing for PSVita  Coming!
> Ready For That TombRaider Sequel GREAT!!

> Microsoft's Ballmer Talks Failing Surface!
> Sony & Panasonic Developing 300GB BluRay Tech
> SkyDrive No More!
> Nvidia Shield Teardown
> John Carmack Speaks X1 & PS4 basically "THE SAME!"
> Updated XboxOne Specs WrapUp...

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Format: MP3 HD
Bitrate: 192 Kbps
Length: 2:08:37

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