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Yakuza Like Me – Yakuza Like A Dragon – Episode#06

Monday, July 15, 2013

WWE 2K14 Ultimate Warrior Trailer

WWE Legend Ultimate Warrior storms the 2K offices to announce himself as the exclusive pre-order bonus for WWE 2K14. Available October 29, 2013.  
In the past few WWE Game Titles me Mr. Mike has been a little underwhelmed & bummed out due to the recent games not living to the hype. Plus as the control scheme became more & more obscured lately I missed the old WWE early Xbox360 era of controls, they made more sense and the move sets were better done.
Its still early to tell and might be a rental for me right now when its out later this year but I don't think until the true WWE 2k game is released next year, that I can start enjoying the games of wrestling past again.  Till then I may just play my blasts from the pasts again till my future is certain...

But who knows maybe it will be good again...Maybe???

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