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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Major Wii U System Update Coming Next Week!!

The Wii U System Update we heard about earlier this year will be released next week, it's been announced.
Among a host of improvements, loading times when switching software or returning to the menu have been improved, while new features like copying and moving data between two USB drives will also be available for the first time.
You'll be able to auto-install software in the background while playing another title after the update, as well as auto-receive updates without having to start up software.
Pressing B when turning your Wii U on will also send it directly to Wii mode, while a new standby function will let the Wii U continue to download and install software even after you've turned it off in a bid to save time.
The day after the update is available next week, the Virtual Console will be made available with titles including Super Metroid, Super Mario World and Ice Climbers all shown as being available. All of the games will be available to play off-TV on the GamePad and each will have its own Miiverse Community.

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