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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Thursday, April 11, 2013

JuJu2Cast 1st Stream Hosted By: Mr. Mike OutNow!

Hey Everyone Mr. Mike here did you forget something? Well if you missed today's LiveStream with me Mr. Mike then you missed out. But don't worry I have archived it just for you the JuJu2Cast community! The JuJu2Cast 1st Stream is broken into 3 Parts due to length so you can view them at your own leisure. Even though this was my first real test cast since 2 years ago wow long time!, I now have some new software and ideas to use for each stream although my bandwidth still sux but oh well. Note not all the video is in great quality due to this being a test and all, but I think you may enjoy some moments in these videos!
Games I played were: Mincraft (PC), PapersPlease! (PC)

If all goes well I may have more live events to do in the near future and I believe these tests went quite well.

So like always Enjoy!!

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