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Friday, March 15, 2013

JurassicPark: AfterMath Fan Mod

Everyday a host of mods get announced or released, but few of them involve a franchise so many of us fell in love with. Modder and 3D artist Colin Kaszynski has released the first video of his CryEngine 3 powered work-in-progress, Jurassic Park: Aftermath. The trailer mostly showcases the environments Kaszynski has made, which includes a pretty awesome looking visitor's center and a raptor paddock. Check it:
Who knows if it'll just turn into something he continues to develop for fun or if there will ever be a publicly playable version of it, we just thought it was too awesome looking not to share. For a deeper look on Kaszynski's work on the project, check out his blog, Sharks with Jetpacks.

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