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BigDaddy Bioshock - Episode #5 - Back Into the Sea

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi everyone Mr. Mike here don't worry just testing out my website with new template looks for my sanity! LoL And basically trying to make a more appealing look for everyone here's hoping??!!

Any thoughts, or ideas for my site Email Me: corecast2011@gmail.com

I love all the feedback so keep it coming everyone!

UPDATE: Hey Everyone again just made the changes to my sites JuJu2Cast.com, My JuJu2Cast YouTube Page, & Official JuJu2Cast Twitter Account!!

Changes To JuJu2Cast.com Include:
  • New Website Background looks
  • New Updated Link Looks
  • Easier On Eyes Posts Backgrounds
  • A Very Techie New JuJu2Cast Live Video Pain
  • Different Color Schemes
  • Added a nice Live Twitter Panel on the right side! YaY
  • Faster Loading
(COMING SOON) New Videos Playlist

Changes To Our Youtube Page:
  • Switched to the New YouTube Look
  • New Playlists
  • Major Videos Cleanup
  • New Header Background
  • Easy Play!
Changes To Our Twitter Page:
  • New Background & header Look
  • Updated Info
Thanks Still For All Your Support I Hope You All Enjoy The Over Night Changes I Have Made To Everything JuJu2Cast!

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