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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Saturday, December 1, 2012



I me Mr. Mike have been working overnight from Friday till Saturday morning till 2am EST to bring some more flare to my site, or should I say everyone who likes Video Games, Technology, Working Out, Social, News, Griping, & More!! Everything from podcasts AkA audiocasts to videos will be revamped in many ways.  First things first though what about the JuJu2Cast.com Main home site Hummmm? 

Well Here is a quick list of what has been changed on the JuJu2Cast/CoreCast Network Website!

1. New! Right Side Cool Looking Efficient Links to everything JuJu2Cast from Audio Podcasts, Videos, Social, Etc.
2. New AudioCast  Cover Pictures for JuJu2Cast Audiocast & The GamerTech Audiocast, & here they are:


Awesome Aren't they?!

3. A permanent Videos & Live top site header setting for any new videos from reviews, unboxings, weekly programs, and or Live presentations that you can see! But don't worry if a video goes down for new content just look in the JuJu2Cast Timeline to view or just click our JuJu2Cast ON YouTube Link if it is a non Live Video!!

4. Made a cleaner look around my pages and the site with added information about my business/hobby around the site with updated certificates and info.

5. And last but not least faster page loading and for my audiocasts new templates and music for most!

Hoping that everything that I did here helps make this Casting service that you, your friends, family, or anyone will be willing to come here for another hopefully years to come, from us providing new content via audio, videos, & articles to everyone when can.

Hoping Again Everyone Likes My Updated Site And Thanks For Spreading The Word Of The JuJu!!


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