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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The SPIKE VGAs Recap PodCast Coming Soon!


Still have no clue on what happened Friday on the Spike 10th annual Video Game Awards? Well On Sunday LATE Night Me Mr. Mike will watch AGAIN, and RECORD via audio, AND skip all those lame commercials the Spike VGAs.  Even though I already watched the VGAs I will re watch and do commentary on everything going on even if you cant see the trailers. DOES NOT MATTER I will personally talk everything VGAs 1st Time ever on the GamerTech AudioCast and after the re watched show will go on and talk what happened, what I liked and disliked.   So get ready for some great podcast action tomorrow! 

This will also be a test for me on how I would like to do the E3 Press Conferences in 2013, so this will be a great experiment for me I cant wait! So I will be delaying my JuJu2Cast, Pumpcast, & Other special GamerTech Audiocasts for a day or two for next week.  And all videos that I need to still edit will be edited hopefully On Time My Time LOL!!

Can You Dig It Suckaaaaa!! Opps Wrong Black Man!

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