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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Nintendo Power's Last Issue & Gone Forever
But Will Live In Our Hearts Forever....

The very final Last issue of Nintendo Power has just launched today as of 12/6/2012. The issue which as I have gotten at my local job/store was sold out right away by me Mr. Mike LoL. But not a real laughing matter when only 3, ONLY 3!! copies were received by my store which kinda made me even sadder in a way, in which because this marks a big sad day in game magazine history for the fact that Future and its shipping partners had no realization to send more copies out to sell. I don't really know yet if this is like this in every store or newsstand but still this magazine should have a very big send off!

I remember the great pictures and articles that NP provided me on the few issues I got which sadly I had no subscription only purchased in stores. This final issue is like the same to me remembering a more simple time in Nintendo gaming history to the advances even little advances in technology which the big N liked to make. The main part of this last issue of NP shows the history of NP and the games/consoles it covered each month. They showed that they had style by bringing this issue to close with a nice retro to modern cover of the original 1st issue look with the New Super Mario Bros. 2 game. Nintendo Power will be missed so if you don't want to miss out for yourself hurry out right away and get a copy before they are gone for good!    P.S. When you look at the final issue in the back of the magazine has a nice little surprise... 

What was your take on Nintendo Power and did it bring you back to your own childhood? Any stories or remembrances about NP Mag Email Us Your Stories: corecast2011@gmail.com

R.I.P. Nintendo Power Magazine 1988-2012

Here Are some more pics from the magazine and the cool look in NP cover history!:

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