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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wii U Internals Revealed

 Wii U In Clear Please!!

We've only ever seen the sleek exterior of Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console - until now. A recent presentation transcribed on Nintendo's Iwata Asks blog includes up-close and personal photos of the Wii U's motherboard, with side-by-side shots comparing certain components to their analogs in the original Wii.
Here's a look at that spartan motherboard, with its tiny CPU and less tiny graphics processing unit:

We really drew on the wisdom of Renesas, IBM, and AMD
If those four memory modules surrounding the core are each 512MB, that would put the Wii U at 2GB of RAM.
With an aim toward boosting performance without letting power consumption get out of hand, the Wii U is Nintendo's first console to integrate multiple processors in a single LSI chip.
But the new system still produces three times as much heat as the original Wii. Check out these comparison shots of their fans and heat sinks :

"Oh! It's clear! Cool! You've got to sell this to me," Iwata said upon seeing this translucent Wii U:

We couldn't agree more.

The console's designers talk more about achieving "low power consumption and high performance" and the importance of making the jump to HD (spoiler: "HD has become the new SD.")

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