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Monday, October 8, 2012

Microsoft Points Being Ditched? Maybe.....



  • Windows 8 update contains clues.

    Microsoft has started to move away from its own virtual currency – Microsoft Points – towards using real money on its Xbox Live service.
    The news come from a report filed by The Verge, which states that when you buy content from the Xbox video store using MS Points it defaults to a credit card transaction. That means you'll no longer have to do conversions to work out the real cost of anything you buy, or buy more points than you need due to the restrictive point bundle system.
    The Verge points out that the change is likely to come to the Xbox 360 when the dashboard is updated later this month. This would make sense, seeing as the next Xbox 360 update is slated to include a number of Windows 8 mechanics.
    Windows 8 OS launches on October 26th.

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