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Sunday, September 2, 2012

What Is Zombo.com?

Nothing But a Name, a PNG graphic, & a mystery Voice.

A site that Leo Laporte found out about on Twit.tv to me Mr. Mike still in wonder of this very nonsense website.  Who would ever pay to keep a site up not making any money or with any purpose what so ever one can only wonder?
All you see is the named graphic of Zombo.com, in the center a lightly shown flashing graphic, and a weird Japanese male voice in the background welcoming you to Zombo.com and how great you are, and that you can accomplish anything!!
We may never truly know what this site is but it is a funny site for a few minutes or so...

 If you want a full clip of the Zombo.com audio for a ringtone or anything click the Zombo.com graphic above to play or download FOR FREEE!!!!


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