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Monday, August 6, 2012

My New Casting Corner Office Desk!

SWEET!! Cherry!!!

This Was My Audio/Video/Review Casting/Editing Desk before I started Updating my office & PC Editing rig!

This is my desk now look at the awesomeness and all the room I now have for creative casting, editing, gaming, whatever!

OOPS Don't worry just a Arnold  Poster in my office on top of my shelf by my desk...

As you can see I modified the side of this desk by adding a custom frame and filter air port by cutting a square, tacking on 2 air filters from where I work, then getting some wood molding cutting it up and tacking it around the filters for a tight long life seal! 

Also added a right side hook for my digital headset for casting. This desk features lots of shelves, a PC holder, 3 drawers and a great inner cable management hole system which you don't see!
 The desk was clearanced at $149.99 about $162 with tax estimated from Officemax with FREE 3 day shipping! 

This desk is by Bush furniture model #HM66315
comes in in 3 colors light brown, black, & cherry which I got!

I hope you enjoyed a quick Pic look at my Casting etc. station a brief show off at where I do my beloved Casting and what it took to build and modify GOODBYE!

Any Comments, Questions, Etc. Email Us: corecast2011@gmail.com


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