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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Even Slimmer PS3 In The Works?


Documents submitted to the Federal Communications Commission may have revealed a new PS3 model.
The FCC documents, filed by Sony and picked up by Japanese website PocketNews, appear to reveal a new model filed as the CECH-4001x. Considering the current model of the PS3 is the 3000 series this intuitively points to the rumoured 4000 series.
In a series of pictures, documents appear to show the CECH-4001x along with the 3000 series and the original PS3, making it apparent that this iteration of the PS3 (if that's what it is) will be even slimmer than the current PS3 Slim.
Eurogamer reckons that Sony is poised to announce a new PS3 model at Gamescom this year. Given that the PS3 Slim was also announced at Gamescom, that wouldn't be unprecedented.

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