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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Is Here! & Its Hot Hot Hot

Well summer's here at least to me and another E3 has come & gone once again leaving everyone with lots of questions in their minds.  Where were all the games this year sure we saw some titles like another gears game yet again another Call Of Duty, Assassins Creed 3, more dancing games, & more gimmicks for the Kinect and Move which are dead in the water in my opinion.

No word on the new upcoming Command & Conqure game, Nothing on that Guardian game for the supposed PS3.  Where was all the new PS Vita titles we were to be seeing and no news on new 3DS titles for the Nintendo handheld which were teased to be shown off on that 2nd Nintendo conference instead of wasting an hr of our time showing the same crap we seen once before.

Not all was a big loss hearing that off the record & press conferences was the indi game gems which I was not able to see due to being home based for E3.  I have heard that there was alot of new and exciting games out there that we will all soon see for ourselves soon enough.

Giving an all out A to Ubisoft for their E3 show by the fact they had the most to show off new and old or even redone making a very all out good show. From Rayman to Farcry and back to Assassins Creed they put alot on the line.

Microsoft did have  Halo 4 and Gears of War at the show but mostly really showing off their entertainment features of the Xbox 360 nothing else. Oh wait how about project glass OMG!, yes the Wii U tablet knock off for use on any so called Android, Windows, or Ios phones or tablets via software, can I say PocketBlu anyone remember that for Bluray viewing via phone app LoL what shame. I personally don't see that going anywhere especially when the Xbox 720 is right around the next year corner.

Sony well stuck in a very hard very bad place right now hemorrhaging money like crazy taking a slow and steady road with multiplatform games and some new titles like the Rest Of Us, Sony Playstation AllStars, a new God Of War game, & Beyond Two Souls. Even with all those few games in the works where is all our Vita games? With the Vita struggling like crazy everywhere due to its sort of high price point and lack of new and interesting good titles, you would think Sony would have came in with some big guns blazing showing why everyone needed to get a Vita now! Maybe a price drop No!, New games Meh not much to say, Maybe lower memory costs or 3rd party treasures including not just PS1 classics but PS2 classics also Ha Ha Ha yea right! What am I kidding this is Sony why talk about something important like showing off what the Vita can do for us and Sony in dominating handheld gaming, why we will just get a long demo for a interactive PS Move book sorta game hybrid like Wonderbook with a thing called Book of Spells, Yes that's right Im surely certain those Harry Potter fans want some shit like that to play with for the Playstation Move yep surely that will save the company!! WTF Sony what were you thinking from the worst ideas on the planet this will surely take its place in the worst ideas in history book lol. Why did Sony not try to get the Vita its due but offering it a needed price drop and showing off a shit ton more Vita games that it could have done why Sony why is that BS Sony pride letting you kill yourself slowly from with in. Just give what the people want a slightly lower cost Vita like $180 to $199 would be ok with cheaper priced Sony memory for it no need to gouge us, and a ton of new titles for it like Infamous Vita or Gta Vita perhaps? Plus add PS2 game download support and you would be top dog not only in the show but a huge contender in the world of portable gaming in general. You could even have had a big chance in dominating Ipod and Iphone sales with it in portable games, apps, & even its Skype enabled calling.. But no just some PS3 titles and Wonderbook that's it why don't Sony just give up and hang up the towel already. I love my Vita alot a whole lot and I just can't stand it being treated this way with the lack of support or push for it at all.  We need it to successful soon very soon.

Now to Nintendo the house that Mario built and now the house that has its own so called financial problems with a lack luster soon to die Wii console and a very confusing Wii U console to come with a this gen approach I don't think Nintendo has much to offer anymore its not relevant to our generation anymore if it ever was. Lacking to show off any new and real possibilities for a slew of great titles to hit on it and current gen graphics to be a thing of the past when the Xbox 720 and maybe PS4 hit next year. Nintendo is still only thinking small and short term giving us now tablets and more controllers losing the sight of simple straight forward approach to gaming, entertainment, social, and what it is to be truely connected online.  The lack of new games shown not including mini games or last years already out now getting face lifted titles is a sign for the lack of trust or support still from 3rd parties for the system.  Basically bringing us the same again even overshadowing a soon to be great title Pikman 3 which will be their flagship title at launch. Even their 3DS support was non existent at their show with 3 titles we already knew about shown for the conference teasing us that there was to be more at a 2nd one but nothing was ever shown just the same old stuff mostly where were all the great games teased? Nintendo has missed the point greatly to all of us!

That was it everything us gamers had seen this year, sure I knew that this was not going to be a big year but was looking for at least a decent one that all us gamers could look forward to.  But no just a few surprises and some titles we knew for a while now E3 to me was more a dissatisfying event this year than it should have been. Where are all the games that's what we were all expecting not some stupid show but a showing of new ideas, games, and discoveries. Well there's always next year I hope???????

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By: Mr. Mike

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