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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If You Still Missed E3 WTF!

If you still missed anything or everything that was E3 last week here is all the Rundown from the conferences this year from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, & Nintendo! Please note this list was done during each conference and I never edited them or made any sense but here it is so Enjoy!!

!E3 Rundown: Microsoft:

·        Halo4  announced starting the Microsoft press conference
·        Halo 4 weird alien from aliens look, see as the chief
·        Splinter Cell Blacklist announced
·        Fable Journey Announced for 2013 kinct based
·        Gears of War Judgment announced
·        Forza Horizon out Oct 23rd 2012
·        Kinect BS and new speak capabilities in many ways and languages
·        Xbox music announced for music lovers
·        New Nike Kinect training announced
·        Announced Internet Explorer for Xbox with enhancements & of course Kinect function this fall release also with something called smart glass? links devices
·        New tomb Raider action footage shown looks simply amazing! first dlc exclusive for xbox
·        Send New Gods announced 2013
·        LocoCycle announced, matter announced
·        Resident Evil 6 coming Leon returns again!
·        Xbox live game called Wrekateer (a kid game indeed) out this summer
·        SouthPark RPG Stick of Truth
·        Dance Central 3
·        cod black ops 2 with major cinamatic of course

·        DeadSpace 3
·        Madden 2013
·        SimCity social fb
·        SimCity real coming Feb 2013
·        battlefield 3 premium for $49.99 just like the cod one plus dog tags lol
·        medal of honor warfighter
·        ufc exclusive to each & each sports
·        need for speed most wanted announced
·        crysis 3 out soon

ubisoft press:
§         starting off with good feeling with(Flo Rider) singing live lol
§         just dance 4 shown
§         FarCry 3 tribal sex anyone? very open world indeed
§         SplinterCell Blacklist talk & show
§         Marval Advengers Battle for Earth
§         Rayman wii U game
§         Zombie U for the wii u
§         rabbles land
§         u shape, sports connection wiiu showings
§         assassins creed 3
§         shootmainia pc
§         watch Dogs (amazing)

Sony Press Conference:
·        Beyond Two Souls
·        PlayStation battle all stars (remember the michael commercial) with nation drake & big daddy
·        little big planet cross controller control from vita to ps3
·        over 200 indi games coming over the months
·        vita to have ps1 classics & over 60 indi games
·        vita getting youtube, crackle, hulu
·        cod black ops declassified for vita
·        assassins creed liberation vita Oct 30th & vita bundle announced
·        vita a creed 3 crystal bundle with game and men card
·        assassins creed 3 has ship to ship battles
·        Sony still trying to move the move...
·        move title wonder book ( interactive story book game play) wonder book book of spells by jk rolling coming fall 2012
·        announcement for PS mobile instead of PS suite for android devices announced the HTC
·        god of war assensoon march 2013
·        the last of us trailer very impressed
·        not much vita showings

Nintendo Conference:
§         myamoto started walking to the stage with pikmen following him
§         started showing off the wii u & wii u game pad
§         showing off pikmen 3 for the wii u and how it controls
§         myamoto pulls a pikmen from his pocket
§         Reggie talks all Nintendo social & wii u using hulu, amazon video, etc.
§         Reggie talks a semetric gameplay with wii u game pad
§         wii u can use 2 game pads in time
§         mini verse mentioned, a social system, going with the notion can be used on any device anywhere! coming eventually
§         super Mario bros. u announced - social added in game and out Mario has a glider
§         showing batman arkham city armored edition for wii u & the guy from web games sounds like a mobster lol
§         scribblenauts unlimited for the wii u
§         darksiders 2, mass effect 3, tank tank tank, tekken tag 2, tribe 2 d cut, ninja guide 3, aliens colonial marines all wii u bound!
§         talking wii ballence board and wii fit, now wii fit u with fit monitor, snore I got a gym
§         sing (working title)
§         new super Mario 2 the 2d title for 3ds (all about the gold coins baby) Aug 19th this year!
§         paper Mario sticker star 3ds this holiday season physical/digital
§         luigis mansion dark moon 3ds this holiday season
§         scribblenauts unlimited, kingdom hearts, etc. for 3ds
§         Lego city undercover for wii u  ( then the character downs a pipe)
§         lego city undercover for 3ds portable announced
§         ubisoft games for wii u (just dance 4 wii u (why does it look like the geek squad on stage) Reggie the puppet master like running nine of America.
§         zombie u game play shown hacking,snipping,gun play Reggie gets zombified likes french food lol
§         more of the same ubisoft games shown
§         Nintendo land! 12 attractions game lots to soak in wii u game
§         luigis ghost mansion 4 vs. 1 ghost part of nin land

nin press 3ds part:
·        they brought out a an average everyday action figure slowish hello start
·        they screwed up D's & 3ds
·        castlevania lords of shaddow fall 2012
·        showed off more luigis mansion dark shadows this holiday season digital or physical
·        epic Mickey power of illusion 3ds this holiday season  ( boy the talking dead pan blank guy snor) looks like a Mario rip off in some parts
·        paper Mario sticker star this holiday season
·        kingdom hearts dream drop distance 7/31/2012
·        scribblenauts unlimited no date
·        Lego batman 2, transformers prime, rabbis rumble, heros of ruin
·        Pokemon black & white 2
·        nintendovideo 3 idiots video show.... wtf wtf
·        Lego batman 2: 3ds demo out now
·        download from shop or buy from the store
·        new super Mario bros. 2 3ds has 2 player multi player   8/19/2012

By: Mr. Mike

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