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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hardware Whoas!!

This is my update post about my PC Editing Rig had everything installed worked fine for a while, till I found the rig being very slowed down & shaky working conditions. This was starting to happen right when I was in the phase of installing & tweaking my programs, I did some hardware tests with my software and found the problem. The cause was due to a very near hardware failure in my main 120GB Sandisk SSD that I purchased, so now I have it packed and RMA'd for an exchange with NewEgg & a wait time of 4 to 7days after they get it! So I will be shipping it out right away today to get a new one fast.

In the meantime I will be setting up one of my very old laptops to continue my Audiocasting which is needed, all my programs are ready for install and all my other things are in the cloud for easy access so I will be updating my casts on weird days ahead with only new Gamer/Tech & E3 2012 audiocasts aKa podcasts. No new JuJu2cast audiocast till later, and I don't know if I will make many posts on the JuJu2Cast Network its all up in the air right now so hang on tight, new audiocasts will be on the way!

This was my update soon I will try to get more updates in the future!
Thanks, Mr. Mike

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